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  • Hayley Clark

Two or four wheels - we are all in this together!

Cyclists and motorists sharing our roadways is an emotive issue. While it may not be everyone's choice of wheels, the use of bicycles and e-bikes is increasing and will continue to grow as an alternative way for people to transit our city.

As a community, we need to find a way forward that capitalises on the benefits of cycling and provides for cyclists to share our roads safely with motorists.

If you would like to know more, following are extracts from my candidate response to Bicycle Network Tasmania

Ideally bike riders would have separate facilities linking residences, community facilities and workplaces... the development of suburbs based on car transport means those networks don’t exist and so we must create alternative options.

In my next term, I will prioritise creating the original planned bike way from the City Mall, up Collins Street to the Cascade Walk ... which will make the transit to South Hobart safe and accessible. I will also promote opportunities for the Council to work with the Bicycle Network to support people to gain skills in bike safety and maintenance.

Pillar 5 of the Hobart 2025 Vision, which was developed through extensive community consultation, highlighted that Hobart residents want improved opportunities for alternative transport options ... now is the time for Council to make a genuine commitment to supporting sustainable transport options. It is an obvious response.


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