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  • Hayley Clark

University Sandy Bay Campus

The University's move to the city centre is a significant issue for our community. In my view, the University does not have a social licence to relocate the entire campus to the city and I urge the University to engage directly with the Save UTas campaign organisers.

There is acceptance of a UTas city footprint; for example, the Menzies Centre and the Medical School are now a part of our city life. I support the move to save the UTas campus at Sandy Bay as a functioning education facility. The key is what should be there. As part of a revitalised University of Tasmania operation, there may be potential for private colleges, high schools and other Australian universities to operate at the Sandy Bay campus as part of the UTas. That’s just one option.

I will continue to champion a positive outcome and participate in community discussions about a revitalised Sandy Bay campus.

I discuss the University in one of my videos, if this topic interests you I invite you to watch it.


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